Thursday, February 17, 2011

A first for the RJPSR!

The other day, I stumbled upon a site called the Outdoor Blogger Network. Browsing through the blog categories, I thought: "hmmm, there is nothing about skiing here. Skiing happens outdoors and most skiers I know are outdoorsy-type people."

So, what the heck, I signed up and suggested that they add a "skiing blogs" section to their existing "outdoor athletics" category. They agreed with my logic and, lo and behold, the RJPSR is the first ski blog on the site.

So if you have a ski blog,  an outdoors blog, or just enjoy reading blogs about outdoorsy stuff, check out the the OBN.


  1. Where Hinterlandian pioneers lead, flatlanders follow! Good stuff SBR.

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  3. Ahh...I just found the follow button...and we are now on board...come over to my blog too...I frequently put up ski stuff beside my flyfishing!