Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Same word, same season, different sport, opposite attitude

These two slednecks were wandering around the store the other day, not spending money. Trying to be friendly, I ask them, in my hippest sno-mo lingo,

"So, how is the riding?"

Fully decked out in ninja-snow-warrior Arctic Cat team colours, one replies,

"Oh the trails are a little rough, we need a little fresh so the groomer can get out and pack it down."

Alrighty then, I give up. Though the thought balloon would have read: just dial back the throttle on the motorized sofa there, buddy, and the trail won't feel so rough. Or maybe, if your butt is too sore to go sledding,  you might be interested in renting some snowshoes today? And getting some EXERCISE...

Oh wait, is my bias showing through?

Who would have thought that snowmobilers would talk about "fresh" - don't skiers OWN that word? And then wishing for said fresh to be instantly packed down for their enjoyment. Other end of the winter spectrum, dude.


  1. The snomachine guys I've spoken to will say...

    "Yea ... it's a little BONEY out there..."

  2. Boney! That's a paddling term for "no water in the river." Those sledders have appropriated yet another great outdoor-ism.