Friday, December 11, 2009

How to deal with a "Snow Emergency"

Make your own hill, then go ski it!

First of all, this post has nothing to do with Jay Peak but it has everything to do with skiing deep powder.

Here is the news story from Hunters Bay Radio:
Mayor Declares Snow Emergency

The Town of Huntsville is under a Snow Emergency today. Huntsville Mayor Claude Doughty declared the emergency this morning at 5 am and asked everyone to stay home today.The Trillium Lakelands School Board shut down their schools today to all students...schools are open to any teachers that can make it. The District of Muskoka also urges all motorists to stay off the roads as requested by the OPP. The District says that although crews are out clearing snow, secondary and local roads may be impassable. The District has also closed all landfill sites today as security personnel are not able to get to work. Residents of Huntsville that did not get garbage and recycling pickup yesterday can expect service tomorrow. Some businesses are also affected by the weather...the Huntsville Place Mall is amongst those businesses that are closed.
Well, we can't go to the mall, whatever shall we do? Like good citizens, BT and I decide to stay home. First order of the day was snowblowing the drive way. Then I decided to be a good samaritan and snowblow the neighbours' driveway (in case you are not familiar with our rural lifestyle, our snowblower is attached to a good-sized Kubota tractor). Not familiar with the layout of Kyle and Kelly's winding long drive, I got a little too close the the edge of a ditch and slid in sideways. Several expletives were heard. Two hours later, after a variety of different approaches, we managed to pull the beast out the ditch with our trusty Toyota truck, with BT at the wheel.

The loyal Kubota, not stuck. Yes, there is a Jay sticker on the other side.

Finally getting home, who do find in our driveway but Telemark Dave, driving his wife's Subie Forester! Even his trusty Sneco is a little low-slung for our unplowed road. Well, there was no choice but to go skiing and celebarate Dave's birthday with the opening of our newest glade run, Secret Hill. Dave and I have been scoping this hill for a few years and finally used the long, snowless fall for some judicious pruning. Hey, it's only a hill but it is our hill and the snow was thigh deep. Check out the pics here.


  1. Deja vu ... what exactly constitutes a snow emergency? Lots of snow and you have to work?

  2. Something to do with the snowplows not being able to keep up. Our road did not get plowed till 4:30 pm that day.