Friday, January 11, 2013

The wind.The wind...

The wind informed everything we did at Jay Peak this week. The way we dressed, where we skied, what lifts we rode and, maybe, even what we had for lunch. The wind was constant but it shifted around, pushing us here and there on the mountain. Boy, can you let the skis run when the wind is trying to push you back uphill.

Fortunately, the temperatures were moderate and it was quite bearable to ride a chairlift.

Conditions ranged from this (much better than it looks):
The River Quai in fine form. And really quite skiable.

To this nice surprise:
Four days after the last big snow, Jonny Jay finds some fresh tracks in a popular glade run on Tramside.
And this, even on Thursday, the last day before the thaw:
The wind kept putting the snow back after the skiers disturbed it. This was easy to find.
 There will be more to tell once I have caught up on my sleep.


  1. Looks TASTY to me! Looks like good timing on the visit too.

  2. Thanks Harv. Timing was perfect: no crowds, mild-ish temperatures, lots of snow and good company in the form of Jonny Jay.

  3. Glad to see you're updating your blogpage. I've enjoyed your perspective on things Jay.

  4. Why thank you, Anonymous. I am a little tired of the development story, so decided to re-focus on skiing. Most of time, anyway. Stay tuned, we have some good stuff on the back burner.