Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ski movie arrives in mail, restores faith in humanity (for now)

After participating in some ski movie chatter over at Harvey Road, I thought that I should finally track down one of my personal favorites, Sinners, by Bill Heath. Even with some thorough Internet searching, the only seemingly reliable location I could find selling copies was in, of all places, Jolly Olde England. And guess what, it was on sale. After a couple of glasses of wine, it did not seem too far-fetched to throw down the credit card info and buy a Canadian film from a UK-based web site. The next day, sober second thought made me think: what have I done? Will I ever see this movie? Are English rockclimbers dining out on my Mastercard? The promised e-mail confirmation never came. But today, just 10 days later, guess what appeared in our big white mailbox with a stamp bearing a picture of the Queen? Sinners. Amazing!

All is well with the world. The spring snow has melted, the wild leeks are fine, I officially have my first black fly bite and, tonight, Blue Toes and I are  going to watch a film that the Globe and Mail described like this: "Sinners extols the exquisite beauty of snow."

Next project: locating the lost copy of Greg Stump's classic,  Groove Requiem in the Key of Ski, my other top pick for Best Ski Movie Ever.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot....



  1. SB Rider ... I can't believe you are going to watch this without me! I think I sense a (ski) film festival coming on ...

  2. Ah, Harvey, all things come to those who wait. Surprise bonus was that the DVD also contained the full-length (15 minutes) version of Ski Your Ass Off.